Retro game brings back memories



Space Invaders, X-Wing, Asteroids and Battlezone were some of the top arcade games of their time. Drawn by simple vector graphics on a two-dimensional background ships, tanks and targets were represented by glowing neon green, white and red lines on a black background. The games were simple yet challenging and fun.

Now a new vector graphic game is available for the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, Geo-Defense.

Geo-Defense is a tower defense game with that old style arcade action. Targets called creeps, follow a preset path with the goal of destroying your base. Your job is the set up defenses along the path and stop them. Your weapons of choice, blasters, lasers, missiles and vortex towers.

Geo-Defense is slightly different from other tower defense games. The game has a puzzle feel to it so consent strategy and planning is needed to win. If you don’t have the right placement of defenses your base is sure to be destroyed.

I’ve played the game several times, won and lost and yet I come back for more. I am amazed at how addicting and fun Geo-Defense is. Sometimes for me, it’s the simple games that are the most fun.

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