Best of humanity: Burning car lifted off trapped motorcyclist [video]

A motorcyclist is pinned under a burning car after a collision. Strangers disregarding their own safety stop to help by lifting the vehicle and dragging the motorcyclist out.


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Man butchers cow in driveway

Ogden, Utah

Authorities are considering charges after a Ogden, Utah man was found butchering a cow in his driveway.

The Standard-Examiner of Ogden reports that authorities received a call Sunday afternoon from an Ogden resident who reported a neighbor cutting up a cow in his driveway. The caller told authorities they heard what sounded like a gunshot shortly before the butchering began.

Police say when officers arrived, the man was removing the cow’s head. He denied shooting the animal, and told the officers it had been delivered dead.

Prosecutors are now reviewing the case for potential charges, including possible health code violations.

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