Can you beat my high mileage?

Like most Americans my budget is tight so for now upgrading to a newer vehicle is out of the question.

I drive a Dodge Dakota pickup, it’s 13-years-old and looks like it. The V6 engine overheats from time to time and the air conditioner no longer works but other than that it runs great.

The mileage on my truck.

I purchased my Dodge used with just over 40,000 miles on it in 2000. Now 11 years later my truck has 251,492 miles on the odometer.

I do not have any plans currently to replace my truck. I use it as my primary vehicle to get to and from work. Besides my wife’s car is newer, has a working air conditioner and we use hers as the family car.

Are you driving an older vehicle with high mileage?

Is your vehicles mileage higher than mine?

Leave me a comment with the make, model, year and of course the mileage and lets see who has the highest.

Trucker slides under bridge

We were just outside of Summerville heading to Charlotte when we came across this unusual sight.

A truck driver, for some unknown reason lost control and went off the embankment. The truck turned on its right side and then slide to a stop under the bridge and between the pylons and the support mound.

The driver of the truck can be seen standing in the driver’s side door.

Truck turned on its side - Photo by Chris Hall

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