Black lab puppy riding train boxcar, rescued

YouTube Video - Puppy Rescued From Top Of Train

A black Lab puppy was rescued from the top of a train boxcar in Liberty, South Carolina.

The Norfolk Southern train was traveling from Pennsylvania to Atlanta with speeds topping 50 mph during parts of its journey.

A family that saw the dog on top of the train while waiting at a crossing as it passed. Calling 911 they followed the train to Liberty where firefighters retrieved the dog from the now stopped train.

Cooking oil stolen from eatery

Cooking oil storage tank.

Thieves stole more than 5,000 pounds of cooking oil at an estimated value of $1,200 from tanks outside a restaurant in Rock Hill, South Carolina.

Police said employees of the Chicken Shak reported two oil tanks behind the restaurant that hold 2,800 gallons each were emptied.

Investigators believe the thieves pumped the oil out of the tanks.

Employees told police that this is not the first time the cooking oil had been stolen.

That’s no moon, and it’s not a space station either

Star Wars

In the movie “Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope” Obi-Wan Kenobi is quoted as saying, “That’s no moon. It’s a space station.” He was correcting Luke Skywalker, who saw a small sphere in the distance in space and assumed it was a moon.

I refer to this moment in the movie to make a point. In real life some people are prone to make assumptions without really knowing what they are looking at. This can lead to misinformation especially when it comes to American history.

The item in question is the white object at the top left hand corner of the South Carolina state flag. People mistakenly refer to this as a crescent moon.

South Carolina State Flag

A Little History
In 1775 Colonel William Moultrie was asked by the Revolutionary Council of Safety to design a flag for the South Carolina troops to be use during the American Revolutionary War. Moultrie’s design had the blue of the militia’s uniforms and a crescent-shaped gorget from the emblem on their caps. The palmetto tree was added later in 1861 to honor Moultrie’s heroic defense of the palmetto log fort on Sullivan’s Island against the attack of the British fleet on June 28, 1776.

Personally I can see how people can get confused. A flag with a dark blue background, a white palmetto tree in the center and gorget that looks like it could be a crescent moon in the night sky.

Although it’s been a matter of controversy for some on whether or not the object is a gorget or moon, the Fort Moultrie National Monument in South Carolina insists the crescent is a gorget.

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New 300-foot tall swing ride to open at Carowinds [video]

Carowinds will be adding a new ride in 2012 called WindSeeker.

WindSeeker is a three-minute ride that is designed to simulate flying. The 32, two-passenger swings will lift 64 thrill seekers 301 feet in the air and rotate over 30 mph. The ride will be constructed on the South Carolina side of the amusement park.

Carowinds sits on the South Carolina, North Carolina border outside of Charlotte. Visitors will see a line running along the park grounds that indicating the border between the two states.

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Chase ends with car wrapped around pole

Police were called to a domestic dispute that lead to a car chase in North Charleston. The pursuit ended when Ahmanarasha Coaxum crashed the car he was driving into a utility pole.

Trapped in the car, North Charleston firefighters use the jaws of life to cut an opening on the right side so they could extricate Coaxum. After he was safely removed Coaxum was taken by Charleston County EMS to the Medical University Hospital.

Ahmanarasha Coaxum is charged with drug possession, aggravated assault and failure to stop for blue lights, according to North Charleston police.

Photo by Chris Hall

Photo by Chris Hall

Photo by Chris Hall

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