Obama security loses woman’s car

When the President of the United States is scheduled to make a public appearance the Secret Service will have all public and privet vehicles in the immediate vicinity of the event moved as a security precaution.

Martena Clinton was attending the Congressional Black Caucus dinner at the Washington Convention Center Saturday evening. She parked her car and checked with a police officer nearby. The officer assured her she was legally parked.

Washington DC Convention Center

Washington DC Convention Center

After the event Martena returned to find her car was gone. When the police arrived to investigate an officer told her that the Secret Service had it towed as a security precaution.

All the cars in the area had been towed by private towing companies. The drivers of the tow trucks are required to keep a record of the car, its tags, where it was towed from and its new location. Unfortunately the driver of the tow truck that moved Martenas car did not submit that information to the Secret Service or the police.

For two hours Saturday night, Washington police search a one-mile radius of the convention center with no results.

Martena decided to spend the night at a hotel rather than return home to Randallsville, Md in the hopes the police would find her car by morning.

After spending the night in a hotel Martena called the police for any information about her car. They had not found it. By Sunday afternoon the Washington police seemed less interested in looking for her car and suggested that she goes home.

Tiggle, a friend of Martena, began to drive the two of them back to Maryland. A block passed the convention center Tiggle saw the car. Shocked they pulled over. The car was parked in a no-parking zone in front of a fire hydrant. And luckily it had not been ticketed.

Martena, frustrated with the whole ordeal decided not to tell the police that she had found her car.

“Let ’em keep looking.”

For more details read the full story:

Woman’s car lost after police move vehicles for security near Obama speech, published 9/19/10 By The Post and Courier

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