Hardware store has tools for ‘zombie defense’

In Lincoln, Nebraska zombies are apparently a big problem so the local hardware store has stocked up on the latest zombie fighting tools you will need to keep your brains from being eaten.

Zombie Preparedness Center

Over the last few years zombies have become more popular than ever before. They star in moves, video games, television and books. Westlake Hardware, looking to tie in Halloween to its advertising campaign has decided to go the undead route by marketing power tools and garden implements as protection against zombies.

On their website, Westlake Hardware post, these tools are helpful at all times for routine home projects and maintenance, but can also be effective as a line of defense against zombie attacks.

But with their non-discriminating policy Westlake Hardware also caters to zombies with a “Zombie Preparedness Center.” Broken bones, skin falling off? Try bolts, fasteners, glue and caulk. And to cover that odor, deodorizers to freshen up decaying flesh.

Marketing experts say such out-of-the-box campaigns can give smaller companies a competitive foothold.

“We found that zombies have a very, very huge following,” Scott Bishop, Westlake Hardware director of social influence said. “It’s very much a part of our pop culture right now.”

The campaign has done well so far for Lenexa. The Kansas based chain has 88 stores throughout Iowa, Missouri, Kansas, Nebraska, Oklahoma, Texas and New Mexico. Traffic to the web site has increased over the last week and more customers are coming into stores according to managers.

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Party all night; drive yourself home in a limousine bus

35 Passenger Limousine Bus

After a hard night of partying Friday, Steven Hunter decided to pass out in the bathroom of a limousine bus. He awoke later to find the bus in had been taken back to Leisure Limousine Service around 3:30 a.m. With the doors locked Hunter couldn’t get out so spying the keys he decided to drive himself home.

Lincoln, Nebraska police Capt. David Biggs says the 40-foot-long $80,000 bus was found a few blocks from Steven Hunter’s home Saturday afternoon. Hunter’s wallet and jeans were found in the bus’ bathroom by authorities. Capt. Biggs also said the 30-year-old doesn’t remember driving the bus home.

Hunter is charged with criminal mischief and unauthorized vehicle use.

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