You can still buy ethanol free gas

Contrary to what you might believe there are still a few gas stations selling ethanol free gasoline in the U.S. and Canada.

Sonny's gas station sales ethanol free fuel. Photo by Chris Hall

Ethanol is a high-octane motor fuel that is produced from grain alcohol. 100% ethanol is not used as a motor fuel; instead, a percentage of ethanol is combined with unleaded gasoline. The most common blends are:

E10 – 10% ethanol and 90% unleaded gasoline

E85 – 85% ethanol and 15% unleaded gasoline

0% ethanol and 100% unleaded gasoline would be classified as E0.

The American Coalition for Ethanol says ethanol is a cleaner burning fuel, and using it reduces our dependency on foreign oil.

The Demand Ethanol Free Premium Unleaded Gasoline argues that ethanol can damage the engines of our cars, reduces gas mileage because it contains less energy and cost more to buy at the pump and produce.

Currently only six states; Florida, Georgia, Minnesota, Missouri, Oregon and Washington, required E10 blended fuel to be mandatory at gas stations. For the rest of the country, even though it is not mandatory most gas stations sell E10 blended fuel. The simplest reason is oil companies mass-produce ethanol blended fuel and ship it to most of their gas stations across the country.

Short of driving around town to every gas station, the best way to find ethanol free fuel is to search online. A couple of good websites to start with is and Both allow you to search by state and produce maps to help you find the gas station.


American Coalition for Ethanol
Demand Ethanol Free Premium Unleaded Gasoline
Ethanol: Myths and Realities – List of ethanol free gas stations – Find ethanol free gas near you!

Gas war backes up traffic

Traffic was backed up onto Otranto Road in front of Rivers Avenue in North Charleston as people took advantage of the cheep gas. A price war started between two gas stations, Circle K and Murphy Express when the Circle K lowered its price to $2.19 a gallon.

The high volume of customers at both stores created a gridlock as vehicles lined up for gas.

Gas at 2.19 a gallon - Photo by Chris hall

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