Cooking oil stolen from eatery

Cooking oil storage tank.

Thieves stole more than 5,000 pounds of cooking oil at an estimated value of $1,200 from tanks outside a restaurant in Rock Hill, South Carolina.

Police said employees of the Chicken Shak reported two oil tanks behind the restaurant that hold 2,800 gallons each were emptied.

Investigators believe the thieves pumped the oil out of the tanks.

Employees told police that this is not the first time the cooking oil had been stolen.

Interactive map shows current power outages

When the power goes out do you ever wonder how big of an area it effected? And how long it will take to restore power? If you’re in SCE&G’s coverage area then that information is available to you.

On SCE&G‘s website click on “storm center” then “outage map” to access the interactive map.

Interactive Electric Outage Map

Outages are indicated by different colored cones dotted across the map. When you click on a cone a box appears providing the estimated number of customer outages in that area, cause of the outage and the estimated restoration time. If you click on “View impacted area” in the box, the map magnifies the location of the power outage. You can also zoom in and out at any time and switch from map view to satellite view.

View impacted area map

An outage table listing is also available by region and county.

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