Gum that clears the sinuses

Recently I was sick. Sore scratchy throat, pounding head, and a clogged nose. I was taking the usual meds and getting the usual results. With my mouth and tong tempting its self out as a part-time moat, I jumped at the chance to chew some gum when it was offered.

I’ve chewed Dentyne gum before. Usually I only chew the standard stuff, peppermint, spearmint, and cinnamon. But at the moment I just needed something. Besides I did not think I would be able to taste much.

My co-worker handed me a piece of Arctic Chill gum. “Now flavor charged” as the package says. Without a second thought I popped the gum in my mouth and started chewing.

The moment I started to chew I was able to taste the flavor as it rushed around in my mouth. But it was not that I could taste it with the could I had. It was the sudden rush of vapor that shot up into my noise.

Smell and taste are so closely connected that what you smell is almost the same as how something taste.

Well I know what Vicks Vapor Rub taste like. Because the vapor that shot into my noise smelled just like Vicks. Not only that but the vapor actually cleared my head. Even if it was for a short 30-minutes or so.

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