Trucker slides under bridge

We were just outside of Summerville heading to Charlotte when we came across this unusual sight.

A truck driver, for some unknown reason lost control and went off the embankment. The truck turned on its right side and then slide to a stop under the bridge and between the pylons and the support mound.

The driver of the truck can be seen standing in the driver’s side door.

Truck turned on its side - Photo by Chris Hall

Gas war backes up traffic

Traffic was backed up onto Otranto Road in front of Rivers Avenue in North Charleston as people took advantage of the cheep gas. A price war started between two gas stations, Circle K and Murphy Express when the Circle K lowered its price to $2.19 a gallon.

The high volume of customers at both stores created a gridlock as vehicles lined up for gas.

Gas at 2.19 a gallon - Photo by Chris hall

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