Will smartphones replace your digital camera?

I have two digital cameras. A Kodak Easyshare and a no name cheep 4MP camera.

The Kodak Easyshare took great photos, until I dropped it two years ago putting a huge scratch in the lens. It’s also acting funny. This left me with the cheep 4MP digital camera to take pictures with.

Until now.

Last winter my wife and I were looking to upgrade our cell phones. Expecting a new addition to the family we decided to go with a smartphone with a high quality camera built into it. This of course narrowed our choices but after doing some research we decided on the Droid X.

The Droid X’s camera is capable of taking photos up to 8MP at 300dpi. It has eight scene setting, flash options, face detection, picture resolution, and the ability to manually set the ISO, and shutter speed.

Very impressive stats, but it’s still a cell phone.

So how good are the photos really? Well after playing with the settings and getting comfortable with the camera I started taking serious photos. And to my surprise I was impressed with the results.

Foggy night at Waterfront Park - Taken with my "Droid X" using the manual settings. Photo by Chris Hall

Frog on the tracks - Taken with my Droid X. Photo by Chris Hall

Fountain - Taken with my Droid X. Photo by Chris Hall

Statue - Taken with my Droid X. Photo by Chris Hall

Facebook has your number

Along with your name, age, address and location, you also have the option to post your phone number on Facebook. Like most people I presumed that to find my phone number a user would have to gain access my profile page and then scroll down to the Contact Information section to see it.

Well not any more.

Facebook Phonebook

Facebook now has a phone directory of all your friends. Simply click on Account in the top right hand corner of the screen. Then select Edit Friends. Go to the left side of the screen and you will see Phone Book. Select it and a list of all your friends with their phone numbers will appear.

I personally do not post my phone number anywhere on the web. If someone wants to contact me they can use the sites contact option or email me if my email available.

I do not have evidence of this happening but with a list of phone numbers available like this it would be ease for phone scammers and telemarketer to get ahold of your information. Also criminals trying to steal your personal information.

All they would have to do is create a fake profile and then friend as many people as possible. The simple fact is the more personal information you provide online the easier it will be for your identity to be stolen.

If you use Facebook with your business or job I would only post your work number. Give your personal number to people you trust.

To remove your number from the phone book just edit your contact information and delete your phone number.

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