Using Jedi mind trick to get up in the morning

When you are the parent of an 8-month-old sleep is the last thing you get to do. And getting up in the morning can be harder than ever before.Luckily I have a unique trick that helps me get up and start my day.


Sleeping. Photo by Vera Kratochvil

As I get into bed I actually tell myself, “I’m going to get up, get out of bed and be in a good mood.”

In a way I am preparing myself for the inevitable and undulating task of waking up, especially when I work evenings and only get five to six hours of sleep.

The next morning my wife wakes me so I can take care of baby Jaydon and she can head off to work. A little groggy, the words I said to myself come back to me and the next thing I know I am out of bed. Within a couple of minutes I am feeling good and awake.

I’ve actually used this trick hundreds of times in the past even before we had Jaydon.

Another trick that surprises me and my wife every time is setting a mental alarm clock. I tell myself I want to get up at certain time, for example 6:00 a.m. and sure enough I wake up within ten minutes of 6:00. It’s gotten to the point where I do not even have to set an alarm. Although if I have to get up for something very important I will set a conventional alarm.

Now this does not mean I can go indefinitely on five to six hours of sleep. I do drink coffee usually about a hour after getting up and take naps when Jaydon does.

I‘m not a follower of holistic or dharma beliefs but I have discovered that a little Jedi mind control helps me get up in the morning so I can start the day with my son.

Cold weather, no problem for outdoor cat


For most of the winter, Charleston has been unseasonably warm with daytime highs of 70° and nights at 58°. Our average winter temps should be 55° day, 35° night. Then overnight, just as the new year begins, the weather changes and the temperature drops. A lot! All of a sudden we experience temps dropping to 19° at night.

We have two small fruit trees, one orange and one lemon. Both are still in their post so we dragged them as well as a few other plants under the porch. Then rapped the pots with a big blanket.

The next morning we looked out the window and saw Salem, our black cat, curled up and sleeping in the pot of the orange tree and surrounded by the blanket.

Is your bill payment stuck in the mail?

Recently I mailed a bill using one of the curb side mailboxes. As I placed my bill into the slot I could feel another envelope. It was at an angle and stuck just inside the opening.


I reached in, loosened it and let the letter slide into the box. Then I dropped mine in making sure it too slid down the gullet of the mailbox.

This is not the first nor the second time I have come across letters stuck this way.

This past Christmas as I started to insert several Christmas cards into the mailbox I could feel three or four envelopes lodged in there. Several people had gone ahead of me in their vehicles and dropped off their mail. I’m not sure if the envelopes were there’s or not because there was still plenty of room for letters to pass over the stuck ones and slide into the mailbox.

This obviously happens all the time and it’s not hard to guess that some people could take the stuck envelopes out and keep them. Imagine someone getting your checks and personal information or even gift cards.

Note, taking someone else’s mail is a federal offense.

So the next time you drop a letter in a mailbox be sure it slides all the way down. Otherwise that bill payment or Christmas card may not make it to its destination.

Black lab puppy riding train boxcar, rescued

YouTube Video - Puppy Rescued From Top Of Train

A black Lab puppy was rescued from the top of a train boxcar in Liberty, South Carolina.

The Norfolk Southern train was traveling from Pennsylvania to Atlanta with speeds topping 50 mph during parts of its journey.

A family that saw the dog on top of the train while waiting at a crossing as it passed. Calling 911 they followed the train to Liberty where firefighters retrieved the dog from the now stopped train.

Creator of artificial intelligence dies

John McCarthy

John McCarthy, a pioneer in the field of artificial intelligence died at age 84.

The university announced that McCarthy died early Monday, October 24th 2011 at his home in Palo Alto, California.

McCarthy was a leader in artificial intelligence technology and coined the term “artificial intelligence” in a 1955 research paper. He believed computers could be programmed to simulate aspects of human intelligence.

He also created the programming language, Lisp, which paved the way for voice recognition technology like Siri, the personal assistant on the newest iPhone.

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