Dad tied up daughter and put her in a dog cage

James Tapke

James Tapke

A Cincinnati man is charged with tying his 12-year-old daughter by her hands and feet with duct tape and placing her in a dog cage. Ha also threatened to electrify the crate as punishment for her bad behavior.

James Tapke, 41, was charged on January 19th with child endangering. His attorney, Christopher Jackson, told a judge that the incident was “some horseplay” and a joke that “got out of control.”

Police said the girl’s 13-year-old brother let her out after about 20 minutes, but their father put her back in after she poured water on his head.

Police also said that Tapke and the girl’s brother took pictures of her while she was in the cage and that the boy posted them to Facebook. Police said the pictures were later deleted.

The children are in their grandparents’ care, authorities said.

Black lab puppy riding train boxcar, rescued

YouTube Video - Puppy Rescued From Top Of Train

A black Lab puppy was rescued from the top of a train boxcar in Liberty, South Carolina.

The Norfolk Southern train was traveling from Pennsylvania to Atlanta with speeds topping 50 mph during parts of its journey.

A family that saw the dog on top of the train while waiting at a crossing as it passed. Calling 911 they followed the train to Liberty where firefighters retrieved the dog from the now stopped train.

Creator of artificial intelligence dies

John McCarthy

John McCarthy, a pioneer in the field of artificial intelligence died at age 84.

The university announced that McCarthy died early Monday, October 24th 2011 at his home in Palo Alto, California.

McCarthy was a leader in artificial intelligence technology and coined the term “artificial intelligence” in a 1955 research paper. He believed computers could be programmed to simulate aspects of human intelligence.

He also created the programming language, Lisp, which paved the way for voice recognition technology like Siri, the personal assistant on the newest iPhone.

Cooking oil stolen from eatery

Cooking oil storage tank.

Thieves stole more than 5,000 pounds of cooking oil at an estimated value of $1,200 from tanks outside a restaurant in Rock Hill, South Carolina.

Police said employees of the Chicken Shak reported two oil tanks behind the restaurant that hold 2,800 gallons each were emptied.

Investigators believe the thieves pumped the oil out of the tanks.

Employees told police that this is not the first time the cooking oil had been stolen.

You can still buy ethanol free gas

Contrary to what you might believe there are still a few gas stations selling ethanol free gasoline in the U.S. and Canada.

Sonny's gas station sales ethanol free fuel. Photo by Chris Hall

Ethanol is a high-octane motor fuel that is produced from grain alcohol. 100% ethanol is not used as a motor fuel; instead, a percentage of ethanol is combined with unleaded gasoline. The most common blends are:

E10 – 10% ethanol and 90% unleaded gasoline

E85 – 85% ethanol and 15% unleaded gasoline

0% ethanol and 100% unleaded gasoline would be classified as E0.

The American Coalition for Ethanol says ethanol is a cleaner burning fuel, and using it reduces our dependency on foreign oil.

The Demand Ethanol Free Premium Unleaded Gasoline argues that ethanol can damage the engines of our cars, reduces gas mileage because it contains less energy and cost more to buy at the pump and produce.

Currently only six states; Florida, Georgia, Minnesota, Missouri, Oregon and Washington, required E10 blended fuel to be mandatory at gas stations. For the rest of the country, even though it is not mandatory most gas stations sell E10 blended fuel. The simplest reason is oil companies mass-produce ethanol blended fuel and ship it to most of their gas stations across the country.

Short of driving around town to every gas station, the best way to find ethanol free fuel is to search online. A couple of good websites to start with is and Both allow you to search by state and produce maps to help you find the gas station.


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Demand Ethanol Free Premium Unleaded Gasoline
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