About Chris Hall

As a navy brat I got the unique opportunity to live and travel throughout the United States and Europe. I’ve lived in eight states, five on the east coast and two on the west and Hawaii. I also spent two years living in Scotland.

Every time we moved the family would drive across the continental U.S. so actually I have been to every state in the union except for Mane, New Hampshire, Vermont, Mississippi, Alabama and Alaska.

While living in Scotland I had the opportunity to travel throughout the British Isles and Europe. Some of the most interesting places I’ve been include, Loch Ness, Stonehenge, London, Paris and the Eiffel Tower. As a family we even spent a week on the Mediterranean in France.

I now live in Charleston, South Carolina. I am a Social Media Contributor, Library Assistant 1 in Circulation Services and a daytime dad.

In 1998 after college I started my own business called Lowcounty Web. I was already on the forefront of social media boom. I designed and coded websites for people, business and musicians. I publishing local events, news and information on Charleston and the Internet on my web site  and in a small newspaper I published also called Lowcountry Web. Back then it was all new and a challenge persuading people and business that websites where going to be the next big thing. After operating my business for just over a year the local newspaper took notice and offered me a job as a full-time Web News Editor.

Besides social media and other web and computer related activities I also like to Geocache, workout, travel, dabble in photography and research my family tree.

You will find the majority if not all the posts on my blog are going to be about topics I find interesting and or useful. I hope you do too.

~ CmHall9 ~

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