The future of the deceased, QR Codes on headstones

QR Codes or Quick Response code was first designed for the automotive industry in Japan back in 1994 to track vehicles during manufacturing. Today QR Codes have become popular around the world as a quick link to web sites via your smartphone.

Advertisers, newspapers and bloggers would post and print QR Codes for people to find in order to drive traffic to their website or blog. Some people and companies have even started placing QR Codes on business cards.

Using an iPad a visitor scans the QR Code on a gravesite. ~ Photo Courtesy: Quiring Monuments

Now a new and interesting trend is starting. QR Codes on gravesites.

Quiring Monuments a Seattle-based tombstone company manufactures code-adorned “living headstones.” Using a smartphone mourners and visitors can scan the code off the headstone and get the life history of the deceased.

In Israel, Yoav Medan could not decide what to write on his mother’s tombstone do to a lack of space so he had a QR Code etched onto it.

And in Japan, Memorial stone maker Ishinokoe of Yamanashi will produce grave stones with QR Codes embedded in them. He calls the concept Kuyou no Mado, roughly meaning “Memorial Service Window.”

The future

Imagine years from now your grandchild taking their children to visit your grave. With their media device they scan the QR Code on your headstone. Your great-grandchildren have never met you but with their media device they see photos, videos and your life history, and a prerecorded message from you.

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2 Responses to The future of the deceased, QR Codes on headstones

  1. QRCode says:

    Great QR Code Generator

  2. Robert Teed says:

    I started a company GraveDATA. We have grave markers fairly cheap. Social Networking for the Dearly Departed.

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