FlightAware shows aircraft avoiding New York during Irene

When Hurricane Irene rolled over New York City most flights had cleared the airspace. FlightAware.com captured that moment when the skies were free of aircraft.

FlightAware.com is a website that provides live flight data, airport information, weather maps, flight planning, and navigation charts, as well as aviation news and photos.

Founded in March of 2005, FlightAware.com was the first company to offer free flight tracking services for both private and commercial air traffic in the United States.

When Hurricane Irene approached New York flights were ether grounded or diverted to other cities leaving the skies clear of aircraft. After the storm passed airports on the east coast reopened and hundreds of flights took to the skies.

FlightAware's tracking map shows the skies over New York City clear of aircraft as Hurricane Irene passed over lower New England.

Twenty-four hours after the storm FlightAware’s tracking map is full of aircraft.

Represented by green and blue icons that move, you can track flights across the map. The data is typically delayed by a five minutes from real time. Updates are usually one to four times a minute.

FlightAware compiles, aggregates, and processes data from a variety of government sources, airlines, commercial data providers, as well as FlightAware’s proprietary flight tracking network. FlightAware’s proprietary algorithms calculate delay and arrival time estimates to offer the most up-to-date and reliable flight tracking data on the Internet.

Additional facts about FlightAware.com

FlightAware.com provides a live flight tracker allowing you to follow most flights in the U.S. Enter the flight information you are interested in to get a list of departure and arrival times, airports the flight is traveling to and from as well as information on planning a flight and pricing.

A registry of U.S. airports provides a list of flights that are scheduled to arrive and depart. Additional information about the airports amenities such as ground services, aircraft maintenance, rentals & flight schools as well as other business is also available.

A photo gallery gives the aeronautical enthusiast an opportunity to view images of aircraft, airports and the aviation industry. The photos are submitted by professional and amateur photographers.

If you’re into blogging and discussion boards, FlightAware has both with interesting and informative topics about the aviation industry.

If you are interested in taking FlightAware with you, the app can be download to your smartphone. The free flight tracking/flight status apps are available for Android, iPhone, BlackBerry and Windows phones.


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