Expect more ads on Twitter’s stream of tweets

Dick Costolo

Twitter CEO Dick Costolo: “Expect to see more ads flowing through Twitter’s stream of tweets in the coming weeks.”

Costolo delivered that message Thursday in a meeting with reporters at Twitter’s headquarters in San Francisco.

Twitter users will begin to see ads from companies even if you are not following them. That’s a change from how Twitter has done things since it began allowing “promoted tweets” last year.

Recently Twitter has acquired additional personal and upgraded its service to handle big spikes in messaging.

“Twitter is ready to get more serious about building a successful business,” said Costolo.

As for joining the initial public offerings of stock (IPO), Twitter just raised $400 million for venture capitalists and other investors so it could bide its time.

“We now have what can only be referred to as a truckload of money in the bank,” Costolo said. “We did that because we want to be in control of our destiny and grow the company the way we want to.”

Twitter processes about 230 million tweets per day. And roughly 40 million active users log into the service without ever posting a tweet. With so many people immersing themselves on Twitter, the company thinks the timing is right for more advertisements.


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