Music integration in Facebook

f8 conference 2011

Facebook is expected to announce programming tools to licensed music services like Spotify, MOG, Rdio and Rhapsody so users can find out what songs their friends listen to.

Facebook has yet to negotiated licensing deals with major music companies so tools associated with the service won’t amount too much on its own.

Rhapsody launched a beta version of its integration using Facebook’s sign-in tool, Facebook Connect. Rhapsody customers can now “like” an artist or song, and doing so lets others know in the person’s Facebook news feed. Liked artists are synced across both services and Rhapsody subscribers can listen to artists that their friends have liked on Facebook.

But there is no way currently to find out exactly what a friend is listening to at a particular moment, nor can a Facebook friend join in and simultaneously listen to what a Rhapsody user is playing in real-time.

Spotify allows Facebook friends to access playlists their friends have chosen to share. Rdio allows people to connect through Facebook, follow other Rdio users and find out what albums they have been listening to the most.

Facebook is expected to reveal the details at its “f8” developer conference on Sept. 22.

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