Parents take a bite out of Apple

I grew up using the Commodore 64, Apple 2e and 286 computer running DOS. I’ve used every version of Windows, owned dozens of PCs, rebuilt them and taught others how to use them. I have even owned my own business building web sites and today my primary job is updating my works web and social media sites. Yet even though I am over 40 and a dad I too fell into the stereotypical thinking, my parents cannot figure out computers.

Recently I was surprise when my mom and dad, within two weeks of one another, started talking about iPads.

First of all my parents are divorced, live in different states and do not talk to one another. So the timing alone was strange.

My Dad, when he was in the military used computers but only as a clerical tool. Now retired he uses his home PC only a couple of days a week. Checking email and occasionally surfing the web.

Mom has never had or used a computer, unless you count the Wii Fit collecting dust in the corner of the living room. Once or twice a year though she will asked about computers but never go as far as actually to look into getting one.

Dad was first to let me know he had an iPad when I received a blank email from him with the signature line, “Sent from my iPad 2.” At first I thought it was a joke so when I contacted him, dad said he was playing with the email app. He continued to tell me that his decision to get an iPad was so he could read, check email and Skype with his kids and grandkids.

Skype?  Wow I was impressed.

Mom is still in the asking phase. She tells me that the Air Base Exchange has iPad 2’s for $389. Also when you buy Items on a military base it’s tax free. So that would be an additional savings.

My mom is old school. She reads books, watches little TV, has trouble with her flip phone and knows very little about computers. I’ve tried to teach her but she gets easily frustrated and uninterested after a while.

In the end I do not think she will get an iPad, even with the tax free price it’s still a lot of money for her. I do give my mom kudos on interest and asking about the iPad but I think she is just getting caught up in the hype and the fact that she can get a good price on one.


About Chris Hall
Hi, I'm Chris, also know as Daddy from the blog "The Adventures of Jaydon and Daddy." I am a stay-at-home dad who loves spending time with my son Jaydon. In my spare time I work evenings and weekends at the Charleston County Library. Be sure to check out our blog, "The Adventures of Jaydon and Daddy."

One Response to Parents take a bite out of Apple

  1. I can see how Apple iPad would be an excellent choice for someone that is a novice with computers.
    Sure, there is a learning curve with everything but with the iPad you can get someone up and running in no time. I hope your Mom does get an iPad because I think she will fall in love with how easy it really is to use. Thanks for sharing this story.

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