The fall of Caprica opens the door to a new BSG prequel

The SyFy channel is canceling the Battlestar Galactica prequel “Caprica” after running for only one season. Caprica set 50 years prior to BSG is a dark story of three families whose lives are intertwined in technology, religion, secrets and power. The remaining five unaired episodes will air in the first quarter of 2011.

The shows demise is due to a lack of viewers. Even though Caprica received high reviews the story was a big disappointment. Like most fans of BSG, I assumed Caprica was going to portray how the Cylons were created, their rebellion against the humans and the start of the first Cylon/Colonial war. Instead the Cylons ended up as a background prop like a car, only seen and used in a hand full of episodes.

Battlestar Galactica, Razor

Syfy greenlights two-hour pilot for a new Battlestar Galactica prequel, “Battlestar Galactica: Blood and Chrome.”

“Blood And Chrome” will follow William Adama who is fresh out of military training and thrust into the midst of the first Cylon war. The co-creator and executive producer David Eick of BSG is expected to return and take the helm of the new series.

The story will take place ten years into the first Cylon war. Ensign William Adama, in his 20′s and recent graduate of the Academy, finds himself assigned to a brand new Battlestar Galactica in the Colonial fleet.


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