Quake Live, Online first person shooter

Quake Live is a first person shooter played online and is accessible with all major web browsers. It is the first version of the Quake genre designed to be played solely over the Internet. Quake Live is based on the Quake III Arena and aimed at players of all skill levels. Originally called “Quake Zero,” Quake Live launched as a beta in the spring of 2008. In August of 2010, it officially became a full release game.

Quake Live

Quake Live

After registering you start off in a training simulation. An AI takes you through the basics of controls, weapons, and power-ups to get you ready for the fun. After you go through training, the main screen listing current matches in play will become your starting point every time you log in.

The arenas available for play are displayed as screen shots. Servers hosting the game with the best Internet bandwidth are placed at the top of the list. An icon in the corner represents the type of game play; such as “Capture the Flag,” “Death Match” and “Duel.” Also numbers representing the current number of players and the max allowed are displayed.

When you enter a match you are placed on a red or blue team, unless you are playing “Death Match” then it’s everyone for themselves. Chances are you will enter a game already in progress so do not hang around or you will get fraged.

Basically the objective is to frag your opponents while not getting fraged yourself. The one with the most frags at the end of the match wins. Some arenas such as “Capture the Flag” sets everyone into Red and Blue teams as you try to capture the other teams flag and get it back to your flag. In this setup you can play as an attacker, flag runner or defender of your base.

For most matches you will have up to 11 weapons to choose from. However you will only start with a Machine Gun and Gauntlet. The rest of the weapons you will have to find. The Machine Gun shoots a spray of bullets and does the least amount of damage. The Gauntlet comes with your characters body armor. It is basically a hand saw so you will need to get into your appoints face to use it. The Rocket Launcher is the most popular weapon. Its projectiles are long-range and do serious damage. You can also use it knock other players around. Another popular weapon is the Rail Gun. This beam weapon is the sniper rifle of Quake Live.

Quake Live

Quake Live

Weapons list: Gauntlet, Machine Gun, Shotgun, Grenade Launcher, Rocket Launcher, Lightning Gun, Railgun, Plasma Gun, Chaingun, Nailgun, and Proximity Launcher

The Armor in Quake Live is minimal. Your avatar starts with 100 armor points. A yellow armor power-up will give you 50 armor points for a max of 200 armor and decreases 1 point per second until you are back to 100 while red armor gives you 100 armor points.

Power-Ups options include five different levels of health including “Regeneration.” Regeneration regenerates your health points one at a time for a maximum of 200 health points until the power-up expires or your fraged.

Team Power-Ups include, “Armor Regeneration,” “Scout,” “Guard,” and “Doubler.” Armor Regeneration will regenerate your armor at 10 armor per second. Scout doubles your speed when moving and firing. Guard requires the opponent to do 1.5x more damage to you. And Doubler increases the amount of damage you can inflict on your opponent by 1.5x.

“Carried Items” are special power-ups. When used “Invulnerability” will freeze you wherever you are as a purple shield surrounds your avatar. “Kamikaze” is a suicide nuke that when activated, frags your avatar and anyone else in a very large area. The “Medkit” will instantly boost the players’ health to a maximum of 125.

As you play you will receive badges and points. You can also friend other players and start teams. As far as first person shooters go Quake Live has become one of my favorites.


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