Geocacher finds keys

It amazes me how many geocaches are hidden in plain sight.

I was in a small park in downtown Charleston geocaching. I just replaced a cache to the very spot I found it and took a steep back to look at it. It was a Walmart standard issue transparent Tupperware container with the blue lid. And it was hiding on something that clashed with the color of the container. How do people miss this when they walk by? I saw it right a way. Of course I was looking, for something.


As I walked back to my truck an object caught my eye. In the middle of a park bench was an orange lanyard. I didn’t see it the first time I walked by because I past the bench from the other side. The lanyard had the “College of Charleston” on it. Attached was a Piggly Wiggly scan card, a car key, car remote and a couple of other keys I am assuming were for a house or apartment.

I looked around. No one was in the park. A lot of cars driving passed at the end of the park and a couple of people walking by. But none of them entering or leaving the park.

Taking the car remote in hand I started pressing the horn button. Nothing. I tried again. None of the cars and trucks parked around the small park made a sound. I might be out of range for some of the vehicles so I walked around. Still no car horn. With no one around to claim them I decided to take the keys to a Piggly Wiggly that was close by.

After finding the manager of the supermarket I asked if he could scan the card, maybe get a phone number and call the owner. The manager told me that he could scan the card but he could not give me the information. But he was willing to call the owner himself.

I was fine with that. He scanned the card and told me that there was no phone number. But there was an address and that he could mail the lanyard and keys to the owner.

Figuring I did all I could I decided this was the best course of action. Other than sitting at the bench and waiting for someone to come looking for the keys. But who knows how long that would be. Besides it was already getting late. Rush hour traffic would be building on the interstate soon and I still had two more caches I wanted to find before going home.

I wonder how many people walked past the lanyard as it was laying on the bench?


About Chris Hall
Hi, I'm Chris, also know as Daddy from the blog "The Adventures of Jaydon and Daddy." I am a stay-at-home dad who loves spending time with my son Jaydon. In my spare time I work evenings and weekends at the Charleston County Library. Be sure to check out our blog, "The Adventures of Jaydon and Daddy."

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